Saturday, 11 August 2012

New Karnak Hypostyle Hall Project Website

I received the following information from Dr. Peter Brand (University of Memphis) regarding the new website for the Karnak Hypostyle Hall Project:

The Karnak Hypostyle Hall Project is pleased to announce the launch of its new website at:

The new site includes hundreds of photos and is packed with new content:

> Illustrated features on the function and meaning of the Great Hypostyle Hall, its decoration and the sacred rites conducted in it.

> HTML and PDF versions of all our field reports from 1992 to 2011:

> In-depth virtual tour of the Great Hypostyle Hall and all its architectural components:  

> A gallery of high resolution photographs of the war scenes of Sety I on the north exterior wall of the Hall:  

> PDF version of our translation and commentary on the interior wall scenes published in H. H. Nelson’s The Great Hypostyle Hall at Karnak, volume I, part 1, The Wall Reliefs, Oriental Institute Publications Vol. 107 (Chicago, 1981):  

During the coming months and years we will continue to expand this content to include translations, high-resolution photographs and facsimile drawings of all the hundreds of reliefs and inscriptions that cover every part of the building including its walls, 134 giant sandstone columns and even its roof.

The old website address ( will now automatically take visitors to the new site.

If you are a webmaster we encourage you to link to our new site.

Dr. Peter J. Brand
Director, Karnak
Hypostyle Hall Project,
University of Memphis

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